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Homily by Fr. Paul Plante

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Year B

June 19, 1988

Scriptural Reference: Mark 4:35-41

     Have you ever felt that God had somehow fallen asleep – that God was no longer listening to your plea for help – that God had sort of abandoned you?

     Like the apostles, I am sure most of us have cried out in desperation, “Doesn’t it matter to you that we are going to perish?” I am quite sure that once such a crisis is over, we realize that God had not abandoned us – that silence can bring an even deeper sense of presence and closeness than noise – that our thinking or even complaining that God is no longer with us does not mean that God really is not there!

     Through the storm on the Sea of Galilee, the disciples are in desperate need of Jesus’ attention. They do not really ask him to calm the storm; they simply want to know whether or not he cares! Doesn’t that say something about the way we go through difficult times? We are not just looking for people to take away the pain, to take away the problem – we are looking for someone who cares. Once we know that someone does indeed care, then we can get through just about any crisis!

     In the Gospel story, Jesus shows great power in calming the wind and the sea, but Jesus shows even greater power and authority by caring.

     If we want to continue the power of Jesus in our world, we too have to be caring. That is the real value that can make a difference in the lives of those around us who cry for help! We cannot take away all the problems, but we can care.

     As we celebrate Father’s Day this week-end, may those who have been given such a privilege be especially caring men. Men often think they have to exercise authority in all sorts of ways. Could there be a more inspiring way to be a good father than to be a caring father?

     It is one of the qualities I remember my own father having. Wouldn’t we all want to be remembered as caring people?

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