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Fr. Daniel Greenleaf

Fr. Daniel Greenleaf is a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Portland in Maine and was  a long time friend of Fr. Paul Plante.  He is charged with selling the remaining art work of Fr. Paul after his death.  All proceeds are given to the Roman Catholic Diocese at the request of Fr. Paul Plante. 

His contact information is:

Email:  daniel.greenleaf@portlanddiocese.org

Phone:  207-553-7041

Ms. Claire Levesque

Ms. Claire Levesque cares for the inventory of Fr. Paul Plante's art and handles all purchases of his art work.

Her contact information is:

Email:  clevesque845@gmail.com

Contact: Fr. Daniel Greenleaf                     frpaulplante@gmail.com                        (207) 773-6471

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