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Fr. Paul Plante's Art Career


The desire, the need to express oneself in art is so closely linked to the human mystery that trying to explain it instead of simply sharing the product seems futile. And yet, just as production of art is compelling, so is the reflection on both the process and the product.


I look at my artwork with the same awe that makes me wonder who I am as a person. In many ways, I’m discovering myself in my art. I also sometimes feel as though the depths of my being are exposed through my art. When the result in another person is joy or awe and wonder, it makes it all worthwhile.


My art is very close to the rest of my life. I try to live a life that is focused and reflective. It’s not the quest of one who wishes to profit from discovery. It’s the approach of one who can look at the same thing day after day and see it differently each time. The result is spiritual; peaceful awe. 

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